About the project — Innovative Internet filter for educational institutions and home users “Eticum”

Eticum —

it is a unique* tool that allows you to classify sites and their individual pages. This data can be used to make decisions about restricting access to a specific group of resources based on your own preferences.

* Eurasian patent for invention No. 030717

Why do I need this?

The Internet is a free environment. Restricting the free flow of information on the Internet contradicts the ideology of the global network. But each user has the right to protect himself from harmful, illegal or unwanted information. In addition, the right to protect children from such information is enshrined in legislation.

Is it censorship?

No, this is an exercise of your right to receive only the information you really need: the Eticum Internet filter allows you to restrict access to certain resources, using information about their belonging to certain categories and age restrictions, based on your preferences.

How it works?

The Eticum system is being developed by users. Information about each site and page is created through a joint decision by a group of users. The objectivity of the decision is achieved by correlating the opinion of each user with his own reputation. For users, the process of evaluating each resource is reduced to a minimum set of actions for choosing categories and age restrictions. Users of “Eticum” are contributing to new web objects evaluation even without any additional actions on their part. Almost every user of the Eticum system can contribute to its development.